Traveling While in A Relationship

"How does your man deal with you leaving so often?"

"My girl could never!"

"You know the shit girls do on their lil' girl trips!"

Oh, men and their opinions on your traveling. Been there, had that. As someone who travels as much as I possibly can - some of these comments and questions come up regularly in my life/on my Twitter page. 

When I was single and going on dates with various men, my love of travel would always come up in the conversations. Travel is a big part of my life and if someone wants to get to know me, they'll know I often will just book a flight to go somewhere and leave for a long weekend or a week or Christmas etc. My lifestyle would not work for an insecure man who can't even leave his girlfriend to go pee alone in a bathroom, clearly. 

While it seems men get to use being well-traveled as a bonus in their dating repertoire, it kind of seemed to do the opposite for me. Not all men, but MANY men are not cool with their girlfriend doing things without them. Yikes. Stay far away from those.

I've been fortunate enough that the men I did choose to actually date are cool as heck with my travel goals. It really couldn't have gone any other way. If it is between travel and a boyfriend I rather spread the pages in my passport than spread my le.... well, you get it. 

The thought of a man trying to tell me what I can and cannot do with my traveling gives me gas pain. I was traveling before these men and I will do so while with them and after them. It is one of my loves. (along with food and the NFL) I go on girls trips to Europe, I go to Carnival and attend soca fetes and I travel alone to the NFL Draft. That's me.

It is totally possible to find a man who is A-OK with your travel habits. My ex was cool with it and my current boyfriend is as well. I take the greatest amount of satisfaction when my boyfriend actually travels with me, but I also take the same satisfaction in him not being weird about when I travel alone or with my girls. I'm really happy with that. 

Travel requires a lot of trust with it, and if someone doesn't trust you in the confines of your relationships they sure as HELL won't trust you flying somewhere without them. Also, to the men, if you ever worry about your girl doing dumb shit like cheating while she travels then perhaps that is NOT the girl for you? I assure you, she was waste way before she got on that flight. 

- Mirna