The Impatient Tourist YouTube Channel

The time has finally come - I made a YouTube Channel.

I thought my days of posting videos were done when I decided to take a more conservative approach to my social media life, I lied. I lied to myself. There is way too much opinion and shenanigans within me to keep it to myself. Although I may not be as vulgar as I once was, I am still loud, opinionated and quite obnoxious.

My YouTube Channel will be regular posts by me about my travels, travel tips and yes, opinions on world issues. I don't think it can be anything else. I would like to pretend that I could just talk about happiness and traveling but my personality is just not set up that way. 

There is already one video up that I posted just welcoming all of you to the channel and inviting you to subscribe. Go check that out!

Once I figure out how to properly use iMovie, the videos will get better, I promise.

So, with that said, click this link to go to my YouTube Channel ----> Link

Also, if you haven't followed my IG page for the blog, here is the link for that as well ---> Link

- Mirna