Four Days In Switzerland: Swiss Alps and Sky High Expenses


This is the FINAL recap post from my 12-days in Europe escapade back in December. Yes, December. It took me three months to finish all these damn posts. I said I would get them done before my next trip (Vegas this weekend) so at least I kept to that timeline.

Switzerland was actually the first stop on the trip and I went straight to Zurich. The post won’t be particularly long because some of the main highlights I already wrote separate pieces about;

My trip to Liechtenstein from Zurich.

My day trip to St. Moritz from Zurich.

The only other thing left to discuss about my time in Switzerland (aside from spending all my money there) is the trip I took to Mount Titlis and to Lucerne.

I arrived in Zurich on the morning of December 26th. Unfortunately most of the city was closed down for the holidays so all there was for me to do was wander around and look at shiny things in the downtown core. Everything was decorated beautifully and there was a very nice calm in the air.

Great time to note I had found a REALLY cheap hotel in the center of Zurich for the duration of my stay. If you look up hotels and AirBnB’s in the center it is REALLY expensive but I lucked out for the four days and got a booking in Swiss Star Anwand Lodges. The location was only a 15 minute walk from the Zurich central station (where literally all your tours begin) and yes it was on the small side, but for the price? UNBEATABLE.

Moving on to most important thing to note for my first evening in Zurich - I found somewhere to go eat cheese fondue. Every restaurant that was open either needed reservations or was REALLY packed, but I was lucky to find a place called Walliser Kanne.

Yes, it cost an arm and a leg, but so did a damn hamburger meal OK? It was worth every cent. The cheesy deliciousness was everything I had imagined it would be. I followed it up with a nice piece of cake and went right back to my hotel room for the best sleep ever before embarking on one of my many Swiss adventures the following day.

The morning started off with me heading to get some breakfast and then making my way to the tour pick up area. The tour I had booked is called ‘Mount Titlis Day Tour from Zurich’. I know it was a little off-putting to me when I saw the price of this tour, but you know what? After seeing the Swiss Alps, this was probably one of the only things during my time in Switzerland that was worth the high price that didn’t involve cheese or chocolate.

The bus made its way to the city of Lucerne first.

I found Lucerne to be busier than what Zurich was the night before. Many beautiful bridges, nice views of the water that flows through the city, and lots of shopping to be done if you can afford that conversion rate. I understand now why people call it a romantic city, I 100% got that feeling while I was wandering around alone.

Overall, I think we maybe spent an hour in Lucerne and then we left for Mount Titlis.

I would like to think my vocabulary is extensive and that I can explain most things I have experienced but I just could not find the words to explain seeing the Swiss Alps in person. I will just give you all the pictures below, tell you to cross the damn scary bridge while there (I was shaking the whole time), encourage you to eat at their sit-down restaurant and to make sure you take a million pictures of everything while up there.

Before I show you the incredible pictures from making our way up to the top of Mount Titlis to coming back down, I’d just like to share a quick story about what happened to me in one of the cable cars.

So going up and down the mountain actually takes a long time to ascend and descend. You end up sitting in a cable car with other strangers from your tour, no big deal. On the way down I had a family from North Carolina (or South Carolina? I should have written this blog post when I had better memory) with me in the cable car and we got to talking. The mother asked what brought me to Switzerland and was telling me about their travel plans as well. I began to tell her about my trip, and the whole eight countries for $2000 stuff and she goes, ‘ohhh you’re The Impatient Tourist, I’ve been to your blog!’ and then proceeds to show me her Google Chrome history when she visited my page.

THEREFORE - middle of Switzerland, coming down from the damn Swiss Alps, a family from the United States that happened to be in MY cable car, had read my blog. Probably one of the coolest moments of my life. I felt incredibly good about myself in that moment.

Please visit the Swiss Alps at some point in your life. I know most people don’t want to travel to somewhere cold, but this is really something special.

In my life I have been in awe at the sunset in Santorini, the beach in Anguilla, the good feeling in the Abu Dhabi desert and now the experience of the Swiss Alps is in that list. Moments that will take your breath away. I should add, I literally mean take your breath away as well, once you get up that high and are trying to walk through the snow you’ll be reminded how obese you are REAL QUICK.

  • Mirna