Stop Telling Me to Have Children

It just keeps happening over and over again. The older I get, the more frequently it gets brought up and along with getting older, my patience is also getting slimmer and slimmer.

What part of, ‘I don’t want to have children’ is so fucking hard for people to understand? Why is it, I can’t just say that sentence and be left alone? Why MUST you follow it up with:


  • You’d be a great mom! (how the hell do you know that?)

  • Oh no, you’ll change your mind, you’ll see. (I’m almost 32, I been saying this since I was 13)

  • How do your parents feel about that? (they planning to raise my kid or give birth to them?)

  • Who will take care of you when you’re old? (I didn’t realize children were born for caretaking)

  • You’ll regret it. (and if I do, that’s on me no?)

Telling people I don’t want children usually has them looking like I shot their favourite pet or something. What the fuck is it to you that I do not want to reproduce? How does this have anything to do with your life? The more and more I get this the shorter my tolerance is and I’m really becoming more rude in my responses. People get offended that I am annoyed by the question but yet they don’t understand WHY I would be annoyed.

Yesterday I told my mom that I truly look forward to the day my boyfriend and I (hopefully) get married because then when people ask me if I have a child I’ll say ‘yes’ and I can walk away. Although, I can’t imagine people still shutting the hell up because it will then become about, ‘don’t you want one of your own?!’ as if marrying someone with a child doesn’t mean you will take responsibility and love the child as your own.

I’m truly sick of you people. I don’t want kids, and I stand firm in my decision. I can’t even imagine how much of an asshole some of you then sound to women who DO want children but might be unable to reproduce. Pretty inconsiderate no? Yeah, douche.

So please, stop asking me about my reproductive organs. Whether I choose to use them or not has literally nothing to do with you and I am sick of talking about it. Going forward, when someone asks me that I will just send them a link to this blog post.

You all have a lovely Tuesday and go respect people’s decisions.

  • Mirna