Don't Let Negativity Get To You

Be smart if I took my own advice I bet.

I try to be someone who works hard at NOT letting negative situations or people put me in a negative place. The whole, 'you have to always look at the positive side of things' saying is definitely for me. Bad things happen and I always try to talk myself out of feeling self pity or being in a bad mood. 

Doesn't always work.

I have a hard time dealing with people who are inherently miserable or negative all the damn time. Anything you put out that is positive, someone literally can't wait to shit on. You could have some awesome personal goals accomplished and someone will say things like, 'oh that's cool' with a completely unenthusiastic tone. You could tell people about a job promotion and they will hit you with a comment about you not making enough money or disapproving of said job. 

You could selflessly post cheap travel itineraries for the masses and get hit with things like; "Oh people have to share beds? Isn't is cold there? Why would I go somewhere cold while it's cold here? Oh, I didn't like that place"

THEN DON'T FUCKING GO FAM. It's really that simple.

That's where I have an issue and always get quickly annoyed. I will post cheap itineraries for those who may be interested and then I get the miserable Mindy's of the world with their snide little comments about how THEY don't want to go said place or have been there and didn't like it. Do you want a cookie? Congratulations? You can just NOT go then. Obviously that itinerary isn't for you then, correct? 

I try to not let it get to me but after a while you just begin to wonder what kind of miserable existence people wallow in to always have something negative to say. I've seen numerous occasions where someone will tweet that they are going on a trip to Miami or Niagara Falls and people will berate them with how those places don't qualify as trips. Even if they don't qualify (to you) why do you have to say it to others and diminish their excitement for it?

Some folks really won't be content until the rest of the world is miserable with them and I'm trying to tell you guys just don't let them win. I hope all of you that work hard at saving for a trip, getting a promotion or hitting the gym attain your goals. You deserve to know that while there are all these negative Nate's and miserable Mindy's there are also just as many, if not more, people cheering you on. (Cheering Charlie's? Encouraging Emma's?)

Not saying it is realistic that you will be happy in every single moment of your life, not at all. We will all have days where stuff truly sucks and you'll need to fester on it for a bit and eat some ice cream. Don't go through life being negative every damn day though. Don't let bad things decay in you for long periods of time and then project that bad onto people who are having a good day.

Don't let negativity get to you because you deserve better. 

- Mirna