Internet Trolls 101

Ah, anyone who has EVER used Twitter, Instagram or read under YouTube videos will know about internet trolls. They lurk on the internet, miserable in their own existence only to make lewd and rude comments so that others may be as miserable as they are. 

They never use their real name. They never use their real pictures. The folks who are only brave enough to say things in the abyss of anonymity. 

You may have seen avatars like this when it comes to trolls: 

I bet during some point in your social media existence - someone with an avatar (avi) featuring one of these images has made completely outlandish comments under a tweet, under a picture or under a video you posted. In my case today, it was under a blog post. A very personal blog post I had shared with the world about my experience as a refugee that you can read here. While most people were e-mailing me and letting me know how much they enjoyed the piece or how their own lives as refugees went in similar paths, naturally, there had to be one weirdo to comment as well. 

Meet anonymous troll 'Timbo': 


As you see he has chosen NOT to use a picture of himself so he can remain in his blissful state of whackness on the internet. He commented on my blog post about the difficulties in being a refugee by calling me pompous, obese and suggesting that I guess should have picked up arms at 6 years old? I don't think I had a choice at 6 years old in which pants I wore, nonetheless the option to conscript, I guess?

The saddest part about this is I have heard this exact sentiment before on Twitter.

'You abandoned your country'

'You don't get to comment because you didn't stay and fight'

Again, what the whole fuck that has to do with me at 6 years old is still to be figured out. I usually deal with internet trolls via ignoring them or giving snide, facetious comments back. (as seen below his comment) Except for that I use my real name and last name because I don't need to back down from my comments, and to be honest, my mother ain't raise no bitch.

People try me regularly on Twitter. People who just, again, are miserable and want me to join in their bottom of the barrel misery. I usually just do not engage. It isn't that I worry about those people, but at my big big age I realize everything I say on the internet can be under a microscope when it comes to current or future employment. That is the whole thing with using your first and last name online, you need to be a little bit more careful because people can tie your shenanigans to you. But sometimes? People have to be told about themselves, openly, you know, by someone who isn't anonymous.  

Clearly, some of you were cut from a weaker cloth and need to hide on Al Gore's internet. Do you fam. Just know you are a pathetic and weak part of humanity. Because you are a troll, remain under the bridge you came from and leave the rest of us living in an open reality alone.

Happy Hump Day :) 

- Mirna