It Could Always Be Worse

Don't you love it when your life is in shambles and someone tells you, 'it could always be worse?'

I hate that nonsense. I consider myself someone who tries their best to remain positive through the bullshit so when I hear people saying things like that I have to side-eye them a little bit. 

Those moments happen a lot to me. Everyone knows that feeling of when something shitty happens to you and you spiral down the rabbit hole of unhappiness thinking of all the other shitty things in your life. Have to think to yourself like yeah it could always be worse, but shit, it could always be better too no?

I'm plagued with being an empath when it comes to people and situations that have nothing to do with me. I will watch the news, see an armed conflict somewhere happening and not be able to sleep because it eats at me inside. No doubt this has something to do with my own childhood experience in a war torn country, which I wrote about before here.  

Sometimes I think to myself like, 'wow, we only get one life and why the hell did my life have to involve being a refugee?'

And then I go to, 'nah, shut up Mirna, your mom and dad have it worse at least you grew up in Canada.'

Which then leads to, 'You're being ridiculous Mirna, think about all the people who didn't make it out - stop feeling sorry for yourself!'

That is how my thought process goes unfortunately. I tell MYSELF regularly how much worse things could be. I attribute some parts of my positive personality to knowing exactly how much worse it could be for me. I try to think about how different my life would have been if I was still back in Bosnia, I think about things that anger me in terms of 'five years from now, am I gonna be pissed I even spent time thinking about this bullshit?' 

Most of the situations or people currently angering you or stressing you out might not even be something/one you think of in five years. Heck, might not even in five months. Try not to get yourself worked up (like some of us do) because in the long run you are just doing a number on your psyche. 

The way I look at travel can even be related to the title of this post. There are countries I probably could have traveled to 5-10 years ago that now have conflict and I may not get to ever see. There are places that I never went to that have now been devastated by natural disasters and will never be the same. I travel as much as I can when I can, because the reality is politics and natural disasters can ruin countries quicker than I ruin a pillowcase after I dye my hair. 

It could always be worse, yes, it could fucking be OK? But let us focus on that it isn't and that you still have to sort out whatever situation you are currently in to the best of your ability. 

I'm not here to tell you that everything will work out because the unfortunate reality is sometimes you lose people, you lose money and you lose opportunities. There will be times in your life where every damn thing feels like you're taking an L. But you know what? Don't let anyone tell you it could always be worse - think about how you can make it better. It isn't always how you fall down, it is how you recover after said fall.

Happy Monday everyone.

- Mirna