A Post for The Women; #InternationalWomensDay

First and foremost, I want to wish all of you reading this post the most incredible International Women's Day.

Not even sure what I was going to write in this piece but as a travel blogger, suppose it should be something about women and traveling. We sure do travel a lot eh? We go on group trips, we travel on baecations with our significant others, we travel with our families and we also travel alone. Imagine? We earn less than our male counterparts, yet (in my life) it seems the women travel more. We are less safe traveling alone, yet again, it seems we still do it a lot. 

We should travel.

We should see how women elsewhere live, survive, maintain.

We should be safe while doing it in groups or alone.

I want you all to keep doing what you're doing and enjoy every minute of it. In some parts of the world women aren't even allowed to go outside to the grocery alone alone - but you are capable of earning your money, saving your money, getting a passport and flying to see destinations some people can only dream of. I want you to do this. I wish everyone was able to do this. Women should take every opportunity to go explore because I don't trust the world enough to think we will always have this privilege. I probably watched too much of The Handmaids Tale and have become paranoid in my early 30's, but you really never know. 

Historically everyone just wants to control our bodies, our movements etc. While you have freedom, you should be capitalizing on it. I also happen to know someone who can help you plan for a trip when you're ready :)

On this International Women's Day take a moment to think about how lucky you are to be where you are and to where you have traveled to. Think about all your goals and plans. Also, be proud of yourself because you are strong, work hard and get shit done. 

- Mirna