My Birthday Weekend Recap

I turned 32 yesterday.

My body hurts today.

Since Friday my life has been in a complete whirlwind, along with my body. The usual benders I was accustomed to seem to hurt much more now that I’m getting older. Getting old sucks. (Kidding, I’m only medium-young now.)

This was probably one of the best weeks of my life, good things just kept happening over and over so I figured I’d just make a recap post of all the 32nd birthday weekend shenanigans.

Friday, December 14th:

I woke up and was like ‘wooo let me get this work day done with so I can get to fun times with my friends!’

So I’m walking to work and I check my DM’s for my IG page for the blog and - wow. holy shit. it’s happening.

I finally got asked to be a brand ambassador for something! The watch brand Capitola (check their IG here and website here) messaged me with this opportunity and I absolutely said yes. They have a bunch of brand ambassadors so it isn’t like I’m the only one, but the way I see it, it is my first one and maybe this will open the floodgates for more! I have ordered my first watch from them already and will ABSOLUTELY be showing it off for this upcoming Euro Trip for Christmas. If you like what you see in the above links use my code ‘impatient’ to get 15% off your purchase of their watches! Very exciting.

That was how my morning started so I was already in an awesome mood. The work day was good, I got a lot of work done but my mind was definitely thinking about later in the day and the fun weekend I was about to have.

At 5pm - my best friend Jummy had an Uber pick me up to take me to an undisclosed destination. She’s all about the damn trickery and secrets, I swear. When the Uber driver finally stopped I had found myself in front of SpaZen at the Cosmopolitan. Yess, I needed some spa time so badly after throwing my back out just last week. (medium-young, right?)

Jummy had bought her and I some time to spend in the hot tub at the spa, followed by massages that ended up being in the same room. I don’t think she meant it to be a ‘couples massage’ scenario but whatever, we didn’t care. I loved the massage and Jummy made sure to get me a scalp massage as well because that is my favourite thing EVER.

After the relaxation we made our way over to the dinner reservations at Rickshaw Bar. I had never been there before but maaaaaaaaaaaan did Jummy make an awesome decision picking this place. The food was incredible. If you ever go, please please please try their panna cotta. I might just go back to eat that dessert alone, that’s how good it was.

By the time we finished dinner it was around 930pm and I basically just went home, got changed, and made my way to my overnight shift. No sleep, zero sleep.

When I got to my overnight shift after such an awesome day I really didn’t expect for more awesome to happen. But it did. Awesomeness did happen. If you have ever worked condo security then you damn well know why Christmas is the best time to be security. God bless the Christmas bonus life in the form of white envelopes with cheques in them. Amen.

Saturday, December 15th:

Aright, I finished the damn overnight and haven’t slept since Friday at 730am. I finally went to sleep and woke up at around 12pm. When I’m excited for something it’s damn near impossible for me to sleep so it didn’t really matter because I knew that for my Saturday evening I was going to have an awesome birthday party and then spend the whole Sunday recovering in my bed.

Wrong. I was wrong.

At around 230pm in the afternoon - this was a DM I received on Instagram from one of my awesome IG/Travel Blog followers:


HOLY SHIT. OMG OMG OMG OMG. (my reaction)

I nearly cried while sober in the middle of the afternoon. Anyone who even remotely knows me, knows I love the NFL. This token of thanks for my birthday was, I don’t even know, there isn’t really a word to explain how I felt about it at the time nor how I feel about it right now. I was just super thankful.

I called my boyfriend and told him to forget about sleeping Sunday - we are going to an NFL game instead. Insane. What a turn of events that was. Shit.

After finally calming down, I packed my stuff and left for my prelime.

My wonderful friend Sherry had paid for me to get a nice makeover downtown before the party began. I went to the Eaton Center for 6pm and got my face beaaat. I looked so damn nice. I’m not really accustomed to a lot of make up on my face, nor am I use to eyelashes but I LOVED it all on me. She really did a great job, my makeup looked amazing.

Following that I made my way over to the Sheraton Hotel. My other super duper awesome bestie Lorren had booked me a night at the hotel as a birthday gift to have a prelime there. Holy shit. Room was MASSIVE. Sherry, Lorren and Jummy had decorated it in Dallas Cowboys colours for me (which, at the time, I was too tired to notice… sorry again). There was loads of food, booze and selfies which was followed by about 20+ or so people joining us in the hotel room as well. They took care of all the planning, the inviting and all the nourishment for the night. My best friends really came through and I felt fucking special. Real fucking special ok?

We eventually made our way over to the actual party for the night and that’s all the information I have for you regarding Saturday night because - rum. The end.

Sunday, December 16th:

Well look, it’s finally the day of my birthday. I think we went to sleep in our hotel room at 430am and we were up by 615am for my mom to drive us to Grimsby. I’d like to say Mark and I were hungover - but in reality, it’s easier to say still drunk.

Because it was a Sunday morning the transit situation for anywhere SUCKS so my amazing mother offered to drive from Hamilton to come pick us up in downtown Toronto and take us to our meet up location in Grimsby. (Love you mom!)

We both felt like death. There was absolutely no sleep between party time and football time for us. We made it to Grimsby for 8am and it was time to start another crazy ass part of this birthday weekend.

A white Lincoln Navigator limo pulled up. Shit got real QUICK then. It was happening, we were going to this NFL game. All together there was twelve of us in the limo and on our way to the game in Buffalo we made a stop to get refreshments at the Duty Free for the tailgating. Duty Free is a great place. I love you Duty Free.

I have never been to an NFL game in the USA before and therefore had never tailgated before either. Oh man, I have really been missing out. Tailgating is just a prelime for football fans outside. When we parked by New Era Stadium, there were hoards of other people in their limos and buses setting up (or already set up) to tailgate.

Food. Football. Liquor. Can you really name a better trio? I personally cannot.

We tailgated and then went inside to watch the game. Yay, Buffalo won. Obviously we were good luck for them, right? I think so.

After the game we made our way back to Toronto piece by piece with our exhausted minds and bodies, but with BIG smiles nonetheless.

I might be forgetting some more awesome stuff that happened this weekend but at this rate it’s probably for the best. Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and all of you who participated in the weekends activities as well. I am a very happy person who just has a messed up neck from sleeping in a limo. #1stworldproblems

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