Post-Vacation Sadness

Let me start with wishing all of you a happy new year and whatnot. I hope you brought in the year in a joyous mood filled with large amount of alcohol. 

I am going through my typical vacation withdrawals currently. I notice every single time I come back from a vacation, there is a grieving period my body and mind go through when I realize I am no longer vacationing. I am back to being just a regular degular person. Bleh.

There must be many people who feel the same way upon returning from a good vacation. Suddenly you went from no alarm clocks, no cold weather (in my case), no being confined to a desk and a strict schedule of monotony to... the polar opposite. You're caught between the return to a routine and the jet lag that is kicking your ass.

This shit sucks. No lie. The adjustment period into being your absolutely most basic self is hellish and almost unbearable.

I spent two weeks feeling like a damn superstar and absolutely living my best life in some of the most exotic destinations in the world - but here I am now, back in the cold and just being another worker bee. It makes you feel so, basic? In my head I am this fabulous being who works hard and gets to see some of the most amazing places in the world. I am the BEST version of myself when I'm on vacation, but what am I right now? This is not my best.

You know those ones where you're avoiding unpacking because once you unpack, you have fully affirmed you are no longer on vacation? Yeah. Those. 

How do the rest of you deal with post-vacation sadness? I'd really like to know.

My current remedy is keeping myself busy at work/making itineraries, hugging my boyfriend as frequently as possible and planning my next trip. The way I see it, being home is just a layover until my next vacation. So if I ALWAYS have a next vacation planned, I always have something to look forward to.

Perhaps I'm a bit odd.

- Mirna 

(I will be working on my recaps of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Maldives this week - stay tuned)