I saw a post on Instagram of this place about three days ago and I made it a mission to go as soon as I could. That is the only explanation as to how I was lead to a little restaurant I didn't even know existed so close to where I live. 

Tinuno is a Filipino gem tucked away on a side-street within walking distance of Sherbourne subway station. Don't expect much attention or service as they are really busy and I mean, there's only ONE item on the menu - how much more attention could you possibly need?

It would be smart to call ahead and get a reservation for a table whenever you plan on going. It would also be smart to NOT call during their lunch hour as I did about four times. No one will pick up. I suggest calling around 4pm when that rush has died down and after one ring someone picks up and enthusiastically takes your reservation.

When you sit down, you will be brought two bottles of water alongside some plastic gloves and paper towel. There is no plates and there is no cutlery for this meal. (My kind of eating!) The size of the meal that will be brought out is dependent on how many people there is in your party. The beauty of having one item on the menu is that there is a fixed price for it ($15/per person) and they are VERY good at making that one item. As you will see pictured below, that was the portion for just two of us.

Meat. Lots of seafood. And most importantly, rice that has been sitting under the meat and seafood absorbing all the deliciousness. Incredible! I really suggest going here as a cheap date that doesn't LOOK cheap, just be prepared to eat a little messy. 

Fave dish: Assorted Seafood/Meat Plate

Location: 31 Howard St. 

Website: http://tinunothirtyone.com/

The 'one item' on the menu

The 'one item' on the menu

- Mirna