Roywoods (Ossington)

There was a piece on BlogTo that made me notice this restaurant. A simple picture of a plate that had lobster in coco bread - that was all it took for me to want to go to the new Roywoods location. 

From my understanding Roywoods was a popular eating spot on Fort York and about three weeks ago they chose to open up another location at Dundas and Ossington. I didn't make a reservation to go, I just went and hoped for the best.

When we got to the restaurant it wasn't busy so getting a seat quickly was not an issue. The server was very nice and let me tell you, she can make a HELL of a drink. I tried their 'Sugar Pie' cocktail which has coconut rum, Amaretto, butterscotch Schnapps, coconut water, simple syrup and soda in it. It was so tasty, I couldn't even tell there was alcohol in it. 

For the appetizers we got the cod fritters and the jerk wings. I thought the cod fritters were OK, but the jerk wings are an absolute must-get. Nice amount of spicy to encourage more drinking. 

The best part of the meal was the entree - the aforementioned lobster in coco bread. They did NOT skim on the lobster. It was so full inside the coco bread with a nice side of home fries. I loved it. This was the dish that lured me into coming to this restaurant and I am happy to say it was very worth it. 

I would recommend this for a nice hang out spot with friends or taking your side ting there in hopes of your main never seeing you.

Fave dish: Lobster on coco bread

Location: 198 Ossington Ave.



- Mirna