Toronto to Athens & Santorini: Group Trip


Who: Four Girls, 3 + beds

Where: Toronto to Athens and Santorini, Greece

When: June 2018, Two weeks

Budget: Under $1500 per person

Flight: Toronto to Athens, Greece | June 7th-June 21st

$916.00 CDN; roundtrip

Stay: AirBnB or Hotel | June 8th-June 12th

Option 1: $328.00 CDN ($82.00/per person); Great location, Good reviews, Nice looking

Option 2: $442.00 CDN ($110.50/per person); City center, Very nice looking, Big space, Perfect reviews

Option 3: $267.00 CDN ($66.75/per person); Close to the Acropolis, Perfect reviews, Close to transit

Option 4: $296.00 CDN ($74.00/per person); Close to transit, Perfect reviews, Close to Acropolis 

Option 5: $263 + $25 fee = $288.00 CDN ($72.00/per person); Big 3-bedroom, Good reviews

Flight: Athens to Santorini | June 12th-June 21st

$203.00 CDN; roundtrip (lands at 7:25am in Athens on return, take off from Athens to Toronto is 12pm)

Stay: AirBnB or Hotel | June 12th-June 21st

Option 1: $895.00 CDN ($223.75/per person); 5 min from beach, Nice looking, Great reviews

Option 2: $1064.00 CDN ($266.00/per person); Beautiful place, 15 min walk to beach

Option 3: $1076.00 CDN ($269.00/per person): 2 min from beach, Pool, Beautiful place

Option 4: $1211.00 CDN ($302.75/per person); Close to central Fira, Pool, Hot Tub, Good reviews

Option 5: $1090.00 CDN ($272.50/per person); 4 min walk from beach, Free airport pickup, Great reviews 

Total: Overall, even if you go for the MOST expensive places I posted it's about $1532.00 per person for the two weeks.

Extras: If you plan on using AirBnB for the first time, click here for a free credit towards your stay OR if you choose for the first time click here for a free credit. Also, if you plan on using Uber for the first time, click here for a free credit towards the ride.

- Mirna