Choosing Travel Over OSAP

Yeah that title doesn't sound like a good idea right? In the process of adulting, the title of this blog post would be shameful. Adulting is paying bills, paying off debt, saving, RRSP's etc. 

I guess I'm not very good at this adulting stuff?

Here is a run down of my travel escapades in 2015, 2016 and what this year looks like.

2015 - Euro Trip: Spain, Greece, Italy, Croatia/ Labour Day in NY Birthday Trip: St. Maarten, Anguilla and St. Barth's

2016 - NFL Draft: Chicago / Mom's 60th Bday Trip: Cuba / My 30th Bday Trip: China, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia

2017 - Boyfriends 30th Bday Trip: Chicago / Cropover: Barbados / December Trip: Dubai/Abu Dhabi and Maldives

I'm not even going to make an educated guess at how much travel costs me yearly, but even for someone who isn't particularly good at math - I bet I could have paid my student loans off.

Don't get it twisted now (please don't come for me Ontario Gov't) I do pay my monthly minimum for OSAP and have never missed or been late for even one of those payments. This isn't like I'm omitting my responsibilities completely, I'm just not totally dedicated to them as my priority.

I have friends who work super hard to pay off their student debt, those who have finished that and are now saving for a house or condo and even those who have some hardcore savings for a rainy day fund.

Me? LOL All my money goes to bills, food and travel. Shitty shitty adult.

The way I always saw it was that 'oh well, it'll get paid' when it comes to student debt because I do make my payments and presumably it will eventually go away. As a Torontonian who considers anything above Bloor St. a far trip, I have given up on the idea that I will ever be a homeowner anywhere remotely close to where I'd actually WANT to live. So I do not save for a house or condo. Finally, the rainy day fund is what credit cards are for right? RIGHT? Crap.

I really should get better at this, but when it is between a flight to St. Maarten or 'put it in savings' - the latter will NEVER be the choice in my head.

Planning for tomorrow really isn't my thing, and for worst case scenarios. For someone who is very particular and calendar oriented about everything else, I just do not bother with the possibilities of something bad.

The way I see it is, if I die tomorrow, when I'm in heaven will I be like 'wow, I'm so happy I paid OSAP off before I died' OR 'thank God I was fortunate enough to travel so much'? 

I don't want my memories and experiences to be about how quickly I paid my bills off. I want them to be how many shenanigans I got into while traveling. I know some people wait to pay off debt and THEN will travel, I don't have that kind of patience. What if Friday something bad happens to me that prevents me from physically being able to travel again? (god forbid) - I can't live with that. 

The point of this post was to tell you guys, whichever way you choose to live - do what works best for you. I just happened to have an epiphany last night when I couldn't sleep that I could be debt free right now instead of having a passport full of stamps. Do I regret it? HELL NO. 

My life is consumed by travel. I have a 5 foot world map above my bed. I have 9 apps on my phone that are just about flights and where to stay. My regular days consist of me helping friends and strangers find cheaper vacation alternatives. I run a damn travel blog. I do not run a 'how to be financially responsible' blog. Financially responsible doesn't fill my heart with joy, travel does. 

I hope the rest of you are better at balancing this adulting stuff than I am.

- Mirna