You need to come to this fete

That should be the only sentence required for this event. If I say this will be good, it will be.

I place that much trust in what my friend Flex puts together as a partnering member of the #HOM duo (House of Masqueraders). This will be a great fete because it is being thrown by those who love soca and know what they're doing to ensure a good and slack time. Along with Flex DJing, other people I am personally fond of such as Smartiez, BuzzB and Flip will be making sure we all do some stuff we hope a camera does not catch.  

Am I biased perhaps? Likely. But I assure you, aside from all of these aforementioned DJ's being good people they also know how to mix more than vicious alcoholic drink. They will have all of us getting on. 

If you require any more convincing, listening to the Housewarming Promo Mix may also get your palette wet. Get you ready for the vibes this party will bring to your otherwise well behaved and mundane life. (Who the hell wants to be well-behaved? Trust me, you need some slackness in your life!)

Info: Reign Toronto, 3454 Danforth Ave. - Friday, May 26th @ 10pm - $15 tickets (you can contact Tenn, Kabeer, Flex for)

Extras: If you plan on using AirBnB for the first time because you're trying to get into some slackness after, click here for a free credit towards your booking! Also, if you plan on using Uber for the first time because you might get turnt, click here for a free credit towards the ride.

- Mirna