My friend Shurly thought it would be a good idea to bring my SUPER carnivore self to a vegan restaurant, so I obliged. That is all you need to know about how I ended up in a vegan restaurant. 

Doomie's was a cool hipster spot with exceptionally polite and quick staff. I had Shurly explain the menu to me, but prior to coming I knew I wanted to try their 'Mac Daddy' which is supposed to be a vegan alternative that tastes like a Big Mac. As someone who loves Big Mac's - I knew this was a tall order to replicate. The french fries were really good and the Mac Daddy was a HUGE and messy burger. It didn't taste bad, but it still didn't taste like a Big Mac to me. I feel like I would have enjoyed the burger without the expectation of it tasting like something else much more. Shurly had the Philly Cheese steak mac and cheese and it looked really good, I wish I had tried some. To finish it off we had some warm and delicious pumpkin donuts that I would recommend everyone to try. Eventually I will return to Doomie's and order other things on the menu (especially have more french fries) but, maybe not the fraudster Big Mac. 

Fave dish: Pumpkin Donuts 

Location: 1263 Queen St. West


- Mirna