I don't know about the rest of you, but I LOATHE St. Patrick's Day festivities. As someone who was a bouncer for so long, the day itself gives me such unhappy memories of stupid drunks and green beer. Luckily, (aside from the parade today) the clubbing/dancing/drinking part of this is all done. This is where my friend Rebeka comes in. She throws these parties that are called #FuckIt every couple of months on a Monday. 

I have been to at least five of these parties, and it is always an amazing time and amazing vibes. So if you, like myself, avoided going near any dance clubs this weekend because of the nuisances tied to St. Patrick's Day behaviours - #FuckIt is for you.

Info: Harlem Underground, 745 Queen St. West - Monday, March 20th @ 10pm - $10 Entry

Extras: If you plan on using AirBnB for the first time because you're trying to get into some slackness after, click here for a free credit towards your booking! Also, if you plan on using Uber for the first time because you might get turnt, click here for a free credit towards the ride.

- Mirna