What Took You So Long?

I moved to Toronto in 2010 from Hamilton, ON to pursue a degree at the University of Toronto on a full time basis. I completed that degree within the four years needed and since moving here, I have worked as a:

  1. Hostess at a restaurant 
  2. Salesperson at Foot Locker
  3. Flag football referee at U of T
  4. Person in mall who gets you to enter sweepstakes
  5. Bartender/Security at a swingers club
  6. Bouncer at Bier Markt
  7. Bouncer at the Rockpile
  8. Bouncer at the Lab
  9. Bouncer at the Garrison
  10. Condo security in Yorkville
  11. Bouncer at Crocodile Rock
  12. Reception/Financial Assistant at University of Toronto

To say the least, I worked a lot. I would often be occupying two to three positions at the same time while also going to school as a full time student. After seven years of hellish work hours that took me from 163lbs to 218lbs, from nice a Hamilton person to screwface Torontonian and from goals to accomplishments - I am in a better place. I will finally live a regular life that consists of working Monday to Friday 9am-5pm with weekends off. You read that right: WEEKENDS OFF. I have been working on weekends since I was 17, that is 13 years of either retail, condo or bouncing taking up precious shenanigans time. I am done with that. I will begin the shenanigans. 

About two weeks ago I found out that I was fortunate enough to have another year added to my contract at the University of Toronto, my alma mater. Finally, I can afford to live downtown (alone) off of one job that I will just work Monday to Friday. This shit took SEVEN YEARS to get to. I am exhausted, but I am so excited that the exhaustion is coming to an end. 

This is why I named this piece, my first piece for this blog, 'What Took You So Long?' - LIFE. Life is what took me so long to start this blog. 

A blog is something I want to dedicate my time to. I want to dedicate all this free time I will have now to writing about the biggest love in my life that is not a blood relative: travel. 

That love is what kept me sane through those weeks where I worked 90+ hours, to those days where I would have a 16 hour overnight shift followed by an exam followed by another shift. Travel is my happy place, so my happy place is any place I can escape to. Because when you work as much as I did, you need escape and you need something to look forward to. This is also why I named this blog 'The Impatient Tourist' because I was always (and still am) incredibly impatient to get to my next travel destination.

I write this blog for myself just as much as I will for all of the readers. The people who want to start traveling more and those who would like to travel for cheaper. I made this for you.

Many travel blogs only focus on two aspects of traveling; the luxurious side with the overwater villas in Maldives OR the cheap couch-surfing where you're living off of $2 a day in Ecuador side.

I am neither. I can't afford an overwater villa NOR do I want to couch surf. This blog is for the middle traveler: you can't really ball out yet, but you aren't trying to sleep on a couch or in a room with eight other strangers either. How are you REALLY trying to bring tings back to the spot if you have seven other people/strangers sharing it with you? How are you on a baecation but the host of wherever you are couch surfing needs milk from her fridge at 4am and will walk by you?  That will absolutely not work.

Now, if you can afford luxury or if couchsurfing is your way of travel - I'm happy for you. Go out and explore the world however you can afford to, as many are not afforded that privilege. My point is, there is a middle and this blog will definitely be aimed at that middle. 

I will be posting about my own travel, about things to do in this awesome city of Toronto and I will also be posting itineraries I make for people who ask me for help. I do these for free and because it has been a fun hobby of mine for a couple of years now. These itineraries will be posted in hopes that it will get some of your creative juices flowing and give you an understanding of how affordable travel to certain places can be if planned properly.

What took me so long to create this blog will hopefully bring breadth and valuable advice to all of you, so it won't take you so long to get to see the world. 

- Mirna