Metropolis Exhaustion

'Living and existing in Toronto is exhausting. When people take vacation or even little staycations (to Niagara, Montreal etc.) TOTALLY VALID' - me, yesterday on Twitter

We are all so damn tired. 

Us, who are city-dwellers and live the 24/7 life with no peace or quiet.

Traffic. Work. Lights. Sounds. More work. Construction. More noise. 

This is all so exhausting. Living in a metropolis is expensive not only on our wallets but also on our bodies and psyche. It sometimes feels like even when you take a day off, the day kind of didn't take a break from you. It wears you down so badly that taking a day to transit out to Hamilton or Oakville even feels like tranquility.

I realize this feeling is not specific to Toronto. All of those who are working hard to live the 'big city' life or are just unable to escape it are in the same boat. Whether in New York or Los Angeles or Toronto - the steep incline of housing prices, the hourly wages that do not coincide with said incline and trying to have a social life is a hodgepodge of tiredness. 

One of the reasons I am such a strong advocate of vacationing is because I am involved in this lifestyle. I work two jobs, I play basketball, I have a blog, podcast and YouTube channel now and I also do enjoy the company of my boyfriend, my friends and my parents. There is sometimes not enough hours in the day to get everything I want done. Many of us have the 'shit, should I take a shift or still go out?' moments regularly. You know if you go out that costs money but if you work you make money. Money usually wins.

Vacationing is my escape from this. I work a lot so I can leave a lot. I love Toronto so much and would love nothing more than to spend the rest of my life here. But I AM TIRED OK? 

This is why I think staycations are also one of the greatest things available to us with the rising home-sharing economy and the expansion of the GO/Via Rail transit lines. Everyone can't just leave for a week to a foreign country and decompress regularly. We have to take advantage of weekends or even the occasional long weekends. (Funny enough, most people I know try to work on the holiday Mondays because of the time and half though. So lets just say, weekends.)

An escape to Niagara Falls or Montreal can make SUCH a huge difference in mellowing out for a little bit. I know for us Toronto people both are seen as something basic and easily accessible, but I think that is exactly what the beauty of it is. They ARE accessible and they aren't expensive. Even when I leave to visit my parents in Hamilton (you know, once every like three months when I don't work on a weekend) - I feel so much more calm when I return. 

I assume people in New York and in L.A. probably have their little escapes as well. Towns near the big city where you can go to decompress just for a weekend and find some peace. This is so vital. The needed detox from the noise and 24/7 lifestyle. 

Don't get me wrong, this is not a 'BOO HOO feel bad for me because I choose to live in downtown Toronto' at all. I will never ever live in a suburb because although city life is exhausting, when I had to commute my life was even worse. The unfortunate decision with a metropolis that also has to be made - do you want to pay an arm and a leg to live close OR do you want to live comfortably but spend your life commuting? I refuse to ever do the latter again. I commuted from Hamilton to Toronto for a year and to this day I will never get the time I spent on the damn commute back.

I do not want to live anywhere that only has one pizza joint and one shawarma spot on UberEats in a 10km radius. I can't imagine not being able to walk down Yonge St. at 4am to get a steak or milkshake at Fran's.  

I want it all. Downtown has it all. But this 'all' has a price. 

The whole point of this post was me reminding you to take some time for yourself and leave. If you have the means to escape just for 24 hours to somewhere quiet and book an AirBnB with a friend, a significant other or even alone - DO IT. And of course, if you need help with it, just contact me :) 

- Mirna